Preparation of Presentation Materials

Instructions for Preparing Presentation Materials

We request you to prepare and upload a video of your presentation no later than October 25. The video presentation will be considered as a replacement of your attendance at the conference and is a requirement for your paper to remain in IEEE Xplore. Korean speakers can make presentation in person at the time of the conference, but pre-recorded videos are required as a back-up to prepare for any strict lockdown measures. The videos that are not received by the deadline, will be considered “no-shows” in accordance with the IEEE non-presented paper policy.

To record a compatible video, we recommend using Zoom. You may find the IEEE Video Presentation Guidelines useful, here. Alternative useful tools to record your video are Loom and screencast-o-matic. Please refer to how to make a video on Microsoft PowerPoint, here.

Poster presenters could either use a traditional slide format (A0 sized poster), here or oral talk at your discretion. Please refer to  how to record a poster presentation, here.  If A0 sized poster might be blurred on video, the video resolution could be 720 pixels HD. 

Students who will attend the competition virtually or in person are required to record a video of prototype demonstration and upload it on the virtual conference platform.

In order to give attendees a quick idea about your work at a glance, we also request you to prepare a representative image of your paper. This can be one of the main Figures in your paper or a collage of key Figures.

We would finally like to encourage you to add your headshot photo.

Only registrants are invited to get access to the virtual conference platform, to join in the WPW 2020 live streaming, and to download the conference proceedings during the conference. Please refer to the update conference program at a glance, here

Table of Speaker’s Required Materials

• Video file: MP4
• Video dimension: minimum height 480 pixels HD, aspect ratio 16:9
• Video file name: for authors, use the paper number given on EDAS. for non authors, use speaker’s name.

Virtual Conference Platform InfoVaya

Click here to upload the video file and other materials.