AFA Developers Forum

AFA-T1O Thursday 19 Nov, 8:30-12:30
Chair: Hyeonsuk Lim, AirFuel Alliance, Korea Marketing Lead

AirFuel Alliance is a global coalition of companies bringing leading edge wireless power solutions to market and championing new innovations in wireless charging. AirFuel Resonant and RF (Radio Frequency) technologies represent the next generation of wireless power, allowing rapid charging of multiple devices simultaneously and free of cords with far better performance and user experience than the first generation inductive solutions. AFA Developers Forum will hold a virtually accessible all-day AirFuel Alliance program with wireless power education, industry thought leadership, technical presentations, and presentations on AirFuel’s standards and certification process.

AirFuel Alliance Program Agenda

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8:30- 8:40


Dr. Sanjay Gupta & Trish Thomas

AirFuel Alliance

8:40 -9:00

Can Wireless Charging Live Up to the Hype?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

AirFuel Alliance


Wireless Power Technology – Cutting More and More Cords Across Devices

Dinesh Kithany



Steps Needed to Accelerate Adoption of Magnetic Resonant Wireless Power Transfer Based on the AirFuel Standard

Alex Lidow

Efficient Power Conversion Corporation


Wireless Charging 2.0 – The Benefits of RF Charging

Neeraj Sahejpal & Gordon Bell



Wireless Power – Regulatory and Safety Considerations

Ky Sealy



Wireless Charging for Laptops

Anthony Blais & Hubert Audet



Wireless Charging Drones and Robots: From Academia to Integral Technology in a $100B Industry

Paul Wiener

GaN Systems

12:00- 12:30

Design of Wireless Charging for E-Bikes

William Hsu


Speaker Biography

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is an entrepreneurial technology executive experienced in bringing new technology to market and creating global standards necessary for interoperability and market adoption. Previously, Sanjay held positions as Vice President of Product Management and Development at Motorola, as well as a role as professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. Sanjay received his Ph.D. in Systems and an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Pennsylvania. and holds over 18 patents and has over 40 publications in archival journals and leading academic conferences.

Topic Description: Wireless power is exciting! Wireless Power promises to elevate experiences with consumer devices, enable battery-less IOT devices and revolutionize the IoT industry, make robots and drones truly autonomous, and more. Even though we have devices with wireless power today, the “wow” has been missing. What is happening here?
Dr. Gupta will share the technical reasons for why the first generation inductive technology is falling short of expectations. He will discuss the second generation wireless power technologies of Magnetic Resonance and Radio Frequency – their technical foundation, the new experiences they enable, and the innovations needed to enable the adoption of scaling of these next-gen wireless power technologies. He will share the progress made by the industry and how the wireless power industry will deliver on the experiences promised and eliminate the last cord from our lives.

Alex Lidow joined International Rectifier as an R&D engineer and is the co-inventor of the HEXFET power MOSFET, a power transistor that displaced the bipolar transistor and launched modern power conversion. Over the 30 years Dr. Lidow was at IRF, his responsibilities grew from engineer to head of R&D, head of manufacturing, head of sales and marketing, and finally CEO for 12 years. In addition to holding many power MOSFET and GaN FET patents, Alex has authored numerous publications, including the first textbook on GaN transistors, GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion. In 2004 he was elected to the Engineering Hall of Fame, and in 2005 IRF, under his leadership, International Rectifier was named one of the best managed companies in America by Forbes magazine. Dr. Lidow earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics from the California Institute of Technology and a doctorate in Applied Physics from Stanford University.

Topic Description: The adoption of magnetic resonance-based wireless power transfer has proceeded at a slow pace, yet most agree that this format provides the best user experience. In this talk, we will look at several factors including cost, efficiency, and the availability of support resources, that will take magnetic resonant wireless power transfer, based on AirFuel ™ standards, to the tipping point of adoption.

Mr. Neeraj Sahejpal joined Energous in November 2014 and serves as the Company’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. Mr Sahejpal is responsible for Corporate Strategy, Product Management and driving Customers and Strategic Partners engagements. Mr. Sahejpal joined Energous from Broadcom where he was Director of Product Marketing. From 2009 to 2014, while at Broadcom, Mr. Sahejpal helped seed and scale the Wireless Entertainment connectivity business. From 2005 to 2009, Mr. Sahejpal held a senior marketing position at PMC Sierra. Prior to that, Mr. Sahejpal co-founded a wireless startup and held senior positions in ASIC design while working for Inkra Networks, NVIDIA and Oak Technology. Mr. Sahejpal represents Energous on the board of Air Fuel Alliance (AFA) and is founding chair of the Uncoupled Working Committee (UWC) of AFA. Mr. Sahejpal received his Bachelor of Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, India and both MSCE, MBA from Santa Clara University. Mr. Sahejpal has also completed the Executive Program in Strategic Marketing and Leadership at the Stanford Graduate Business School.

Mr. Gordon Bell joined the company in September 2013. He serves as the Vice President of Marketing for Energous Corporation and is responsible for all outbound marketing efforts. Prior to joining Energous, Mr. Bell was President at Prosoft Engineering from 2001-2013. During Mr. Bell’s tenure at Prosoft, company sales grew by over 800% from best-selling products such as Data Rescue and Data Genius. Under Mr. Bell’s leadership, the company also successfully launched two new subsidiaries – JoeSoft and The Data Rescue Center. Prior to his experience at Prosoft, Mr. Bell was the Senior Sales Manager for PNY Technologies where he helped launch the 3D designer-level video card business to the existing PNY channel as well as set up and managed new strategic accounts. In 2001-2002, Mr. Bell held the National Sales Manager position for Elsa GMBH and managed all distribution throughout United States and Canada. He was responsible for $20 million annual revenue. Prior to that, Mr. Bell was the distribution sales manager for the Media 100 group, where he set up and managed strategic accounts for a group of companies under the Media 100 merger (Wired, Terran Interactive and Digital Origin). Mr. Bell received his BA in Communications with a minor in Spanish from the University of Arizona. Mr. Bell has over 20 years of experience in business development, brand creation, corporate communications, public relations, sales channel management and marketing of products for a range of companies developing leading-edge technologies.

Topic Description: Support for charging at contact as well as at-a-distance (over the air) ushers in an all-new ecosystem of charging. Energous’ award-winning RF-based charging technology support low power, mid power and high power depending on the application and supports easy drop-and-charge contact charging (up to 40w) as well as charging over the air at distances ranging from a few centimeters up to 5 meters.

Ky Sealy began working in the field of resonant wireless power transfer in 2010 as an electrical engineer and technical lead for an efficient 5 kilowatt resonant wireless power system. Since 2010, he has been directly involved in designing resonant wireless power systems ranging in power from a few hundred milliwatts to 25 kilowatts across a range of applications and industries. Ky holds a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from Utah State University where he previously taught Microelectronics I & II as an invited lecturer. Ky Sealy has a number of issued patents and patents pending as well as publications in the areas of LIDAR and resonant wireless power transfer.

Topic Description: Designing a wirelessly powered product is more than meeting user experience and functional goals. Regulatory and safety considerations are a critical part of product development. Learn about the unique safety and regulatory requirements needed to successfully deploy a wireless power product.

Paul Wiener is GaN Systems’ Vice President of Strategic Marketing. Prior to joining GaN Systems, Paul was Global Product Manager for the power magnetics business unit at Eaton. Paul brings more than 25 years’ experience in operations, sales and marketing, and business development. His experience also includes Vice President of Sales at Fultec Semiconductor Inc. and several management roles at Genoa Semiconductor, BroadLogic Semiconductor, and Raychem Corporation. Paul earned his MBA from Golden Gate University and his bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Topic Description: Drones and robots have become increasingly sophisticated and common in both consumer and industrial environments – with uses ranging from factories to quick deliveries to building/infrastructure inspections and surveys to agriculture to the transportation of critical medical supplies and disaster relief. It’s no wonder that the market value for drones and robots globally is already nearly $100B. The continued evolution of robotic capabilities will require design considerations focused on areas such as increased autonomy of operation, range, runtime, ruggedness and safety. Fast and efficient charging at hundreds of watts of power is required in order to deliver maximum uptime. New levels of autonomy with high power wireless charging environments will enable more functionality and no human intervention required. In this presentation, Paul Wiener, Vice President of Strategic Marketing at GaN Systems, will share his perspectives on the economic and social importance of drones and robots and the way in which a new era of wireless charging will enable new robotic capabilities and services.

As part of Omdia’s smart building and energy infrastructure team, Dinesh Kithany leads the wireless power and power supply research since 2018. Dinesh has 25 years of experience in delivering research and insights across technology and other sectors such as fast-moving consumer goods, consumer durables, media, advertising, retail, and telecom. He examines various technologies and their adoptions across applications, such as mobiles, wearables, smart home, consumer electronics, automotive (including electric vehicles), industrial, medical, lighting, telecom, hospitality, and infrastructure sectors. He assesses the size of the market and the opportunity and provides strategic insights to companies across the supply chain. Dinesh also has led research on the smart home and connected appliances, robotics, and wired interface technology markets. Prior to joining Omdia in 2012, Dinesh worked with global research and advertising agencies. He is a regular speaker at trade shows and conferences. He is a commerce graduate, with an MBA, specializing in marketing.

Topic Description: This presentation provides an overview of the wireless power market, highlighting the current market and future size of the opportunity, the evolution of industry-led and proprietary solutions, and how the market is expected to evolve in next 2-3 years looking at current technology challenges, changing customer needs and market developments.

Dr. Jr-Uei (William) Hsu is the Director of Application Engineering at Voltraware, he is currently in-charge of IC spec development, functionality planning and verification, and practical testings on in-house designed wireless power systems. Before that he was the CTO of PowerWoW, a company who is specialized in the design of wireless charging system with a product range from consumer electronics with Qi and/or Airfuel standard to several hundred watts of proprietary magnetic resonance system. He has worked in the wireless power industry for more than 10 years, and has accumulated his experience in this field from a variety of applications including smartphone charging, battery charging for KiOSK system, Qi and Airfuel combo charging system, FOUP sensor’s power supply, battery charging of AGV, and etc. He holds 2 patents in wireless power transfer and power flow control technologies, has published more than 10 referred journal and conference papers, and contributed book chapters on the advances in solid state circuit technologies.

Topic Description: E-bikes, one of the personal mobility devices, has recently drawn vast attention of the consumers due to its convenience, mobility, and entertaining nature, it is therefore predicted to be the best selling EVs on the planet in the next few years. However, due to its versatile working environment, conventional way of charging its battery, e.g. contact charging, may become problematic which makes wireless charging seem to be a more realistic solution here for bringing the user experience to the next level. In this presentation, the information that are related to the wireless charging for E-bikes are shared in both the electrical spec and the marketing side. Design critical elements such as the coil coupling, effect of foreign objects, switching time control, and matching network will also be discussed for a deeper understanding of the challenges in such system. With an Introduction of the dedicated transmitter IC, VW8000, the provided features would allow the system to overcome problems that may be encountered during an E-bike’s wireless charging in real-life.

Anthony Blais is a graduate in engineering physics from Laval University in Quebec city and a master’s degree in business administration, Anthony co-founded GPHY in 2018 and has been its CEO ever since. Distinguished by his leadership and entrepreneurial skills, Anthony has a simple vision, he wants to change how we interact with energy for the best of all. Previously, Anthony developed his engineering skills by working in R&D at Telops, a Quebec high-tech thermal camera company.

Hubert Audet is a graduate in engineering physics from Laval University in Quebec city and a master’s degree in project management, Hubert co-founded GPHY in 2018 and has been its CTO since. Previously, Hubert acquired engineering skills in the development of liquid crystal lenses at the Optics, Photonics and Laser Research Center of Laval University. He also worked on product development at Olympus. Hubert took part of the ACE training from Airfuel.

Topic Description: Now that wireless charging is built into almost every smartphone, where are laptops in the wireless charging ecosystem? In this presentation, the GPHY’s team will explain the laptop market for wireless power, as well as address why it’s important to develop wireless power, and how to catalyze the AirFuel standard’s integration into devices.