Conference Venue

Conference Venue

Sejong University- Conference Venue

WPW 2020 will be held at GwangGaeTo Building (bldg. #6), Sejong University in Seoul. Sejong University was established in 1940, Sejong is a well-known private university in Seoul, comprising 20 undergraduate and graduate colleges. The College of Arts and Physical Education and the College of Hospitality and Tourism Management are top ranked in the country. A total of student enrollment is 13,000 people. It is located in the eastern district, 9 km distant from Seoul city center and 75 km from the Incheon International Airport. Children’s Grand Park is located across the university. Conference delegates can take a walk freely at the park. There are lots of attractions and hot spots nearby the campus.

Conference location is Convention Hall C, Conference Room 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the level B1 and B2, GwangGaeTo Building (bldg. #6) on campus. Social events will be held at Convention Hall B. Exhibition will take place in the foyer of the level B2. As a hotel accommodation, conference delegates can stay at Sejong Stay (bldg. #17).  Refer to the campus and floor maps below.

Sejong University
• Address: 209 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul 05006, Korea
• Website:

Main Gate of Sejong University

Sejong University Campus Map

Floor Map – Level B1 & B2, GwangGaeTo Building (#6)

GwangGaeTo Building (bldg. #6)

Attractions around Sejong University

Children’s Grand Park

It has various facilities for families, including a zoo, botanical garden, amusement rides, and diverse performance events within a vast area. Opened on Children’s Day in 1973, the park is full of attractions that appeal to children and the young-at-heart. • How to get there: Children’s Grand Park Station (line 7, exit 6)

Ttukseom Hangang Park

The Park boasts magnificent views of the Hangang, and with a capacity of more than 3,500 people, it hosts a variety of cultural events and activity programs for visitors all year around. • How to get there: Ttukseom Resort Station (line 7, exit 2 or 3)

Achasan Mountain

The Mountain (alt. 295.7 m) is an extremely popular hiking spot for residents of Seoul, Guri City and the surrounding area. Towards the top of the mountain (about 40 minutes into the climb) a panoramic view of the Hangang River and Seoul unfolds from atop the mountain. • How to get there: Achasan Station (Line #5, Exit 2)

Culture Street at Konkuk University

Kondae is a rising hot place among youngsters and provides an insight to the fast-changing trends in fashion, beauty, dining and entertainment. Kondae street is full with of energy and best recommended to visit during night time to immerse in the lively atmosphere. • How to get there: Konkuk University Station (line 2 or 7, exit 1 or 2)

Techno Mart

Techno Mart is a sprawling electronics shopping center with each floor offering a different theme for shoppers to enjoy. Shoppers can browse and purchase from a wide range of lifestyle and leisure items as well as home appliances and high tech IT equipment. • How to get there: Gangbyeon Station, Line 2, Exit 1 or 2. (Directly connects to Techno Mart)

Seoul Forest

The Park consists four parts (Culture & Art Park, Education Park, Eco-Forest, and Riverside Park) and each part has a different maintaining and operating system. • How to get there: Seoul Forest Station (Bundang Line, Exit No.3) or Ttukseom Station (Line No.2, Exit No.8)

Sejong University on Google Map