Preparation of Final Paper Submission

Preparation of Final Manuscript Submission

All final submissions will be done through the EDAS system. A final 3-4 pages paper in standard IEEE double columns format will be required for publication of IEEE Xplore. Below are the required things with submission of final manuscripts.

IEEE Copyright
An IEEE copyright form needs to be completed for each paper before submitting your final paper. EDAS will guide you to the related page during submission.

IEEE PDF eXpress
All final papers must be IEEE Xplore ® compatible PDFs. Please refer to how to use PDF Xpress service, HERE, and use IEEE PDF eXpress to validate/generate the final paper (WPTC 2020 Conference ID: 48563X).

For PDF eXpress for WPTC papers, click here.

Accepted papers should be registered no later than August 31, 2020, for inclusion of Conference Proceedings. Only registered and presented papers will be published in IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Paper Registration Policy
• For non-student and IEEE member registrants: Only ONE (1) paper is allowed per registration.
• For student registrants: Only ONE (1) paper is allowed per registration.
• For those who have more than one paper, an additional paper fee must be paid for each paper.

For more registration information, click here.

Click here to submit final manuscripts.